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The box office line up is forming and the shows are powering through tech as this is being typed – The 2018 Vancouver Fringe is here!


And if you’re looking for somewhere to start among a myriad of intriguing fringey offerings, keep on scrolling. You’ll find a few familiar LML faces in this year’s Van Fringe with shows you won’t want to miss.


Travel Theatrics

by Keara Barnes

starring Keara Barnes of Mr Burns and The Mystery Plays

at Havana Theatre

If you saw Mr Burns or The Mystery Plays, you know how thrilling it is to watch Keara on stage. Her beautiful, sincere, touching and hilarious new solo show showcases her physical and emotional range in fantastic new ways. Several stories weave and flow, and you really feel transported and perhaps even transformed. This is at a small venue so get tickets asap.


Hardly Trying

by Laurel Trueman

starring Laurel Trueman of The Euphio Question (2017)

at The Revue Stage

Laurel’s “one teenager show” show promises a balance of hopes and failures, great expectations countered with terrible pains. She has perspective and wit well beyond her years, and the energy and charm of a golden doodle puppy. This new meta theatrical solo journey is not to be missed.



Die Hard: The Musical

by Mark Vandenberg

starring CJ McGillivray of Mr Burns

at Studio 1398

This one was already way up our alley, but on top of it all there’s the immensely loveable and diversely talented CJ McGillivray. This is sure to be a Fringe blockbuster so get your tickets asap! Some shows are sold out already!



Rachel and Zoe: Uncorked and Uncensored

by Hannah Gibson-Fraser & Jodi Morden

starring Mark Ferns of, well… almost everything.

at The Waterfront Theatre

We can offer first hand testimony that Hannah and Jodi, the two leads/playwrights are fantastic, hilarious and charming human beings both in person and on stage. If our word weren’t enough to entice you then please also note that they have literally ALL the warnings: “Funny / Intense / Naughty / 18+ / Coarse Language / Violent Content / Sexual Content / Nudity”


Auguries of Innocence

by William Rubel

starring Greogory Radzimowski of The Mystery Plays and The Euphio Question (2017)

at The Cultch Historic Theatre

The poetry of William Blake connects three stories from different eras. Very curious about the staging of this intriguing new play in this gorgeous space. And of course Gregory can always be relied on for an engaging, nuanced and thoughtful performance.