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Van Fringe is here! Van Fringe is here!


*music cue: “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year” by Andy Williams*


We’re so super thrilled to share our all-new version of at this year’s Fringe. PLUS – we’re super-dee-duper stoked to get Fringing ourselves and see some amazing new indie theatre! In case you needed any direction with this year’s choices, we’ve asked members of our Euphio team which five shows they’re most excited to see. Check out the choices below and maybe you’ll find a good fit for your Fringe schedule!




Brogan Ho (Kid)

Teaching Shakespeare — I was studying fine arts in university not too long ago, so this one sounds entertaining in a relatable way.

Setting Bones

Hidden Memories

Setting Bones — Themes of family relationships (or lack thereof) and cultural erasure are always intriguing to me.
Obit: A Deathly Serious Comedy — I like a little dark comedy now and then.

Hidden Memories — Topics like immigration, racism, and their effects on family are relevant to my own life and I’d like to see stories that tackle this.

‘Tween Earth and Sky — Folk tales are fun!



Caitlin Main (Assistant Director)

Bushel and Peck – I was a big fan of Alastair Knowles in James & Jamesy. So, I can’t wait to see the fusion of Stéphanie Morin-Robert’s contemporary dance background with Alastair’s physical comedy. 

Happy Place

Generation Hot: Waterborne –  Emerging artists. Site-specific performances. Responding to climate change. Need I say more? 

Adult Company

Adult Company –  4am stories are always the most electric, magical, mysterious, and terrifying. 

Shadowlands –  I heard the play is mostly in the dark. That piques my interest. 

Happy Place –  It’s a new play by a female playwright about women and depression. This is a topic I’ve been exploring in my own practice so I am curious to see other approaches/voices. 



Jen Golberg (ASM)

Almost a Stepmom – Our friend’s show and it features a female lead role.

Almost a Stepmom with Keara Barnes of “The Mystery Plays”

Katharine Ferns Is In Stitches – Because she’s Marks sister and she connected me with LML and because it’s a one woman show that she wrote.

Distracting Sexy’s Mily Mumford, author and star of LML’s 2015 Love is for Superbeasts

Fifty Shades of Dave – Because of its Canadian content and because it’s one of my favourite shows on CBC and because Stuart McLean passed away sadly.

Cry-Baby: The Musical – Because I think Madeline is in it… sure looks like her in the picture and because it’s a musical and it reminds me of Grease, which I have a soft spot for ?

Distractingly Sexy – Because it’s our friend’s show that she wrote and it features a female lead.


Mark Ferns (Lew, Producer)

Katharine Ferns Is In Stitches – Naturally this is my top choice, her being my sister and all. This also happens to be an amazing show. It managed to be powerful and touching, while being consistently funny throughout.

Katharine Ferns (big sis of LML’s Mark!) is In Stitches

Almost A Stepmom – I’ve seen the show before and I’m going again, because Keara is infinitely watchable. She tells an engaging story and deftly paints strong characters.

I Am For You, Starring Amelia Ross of LML’s A Behanding in Spokane

I Am For You – I’m going to watch Amelia Ross kick some ass!!

Disengaged – Being the ever hopeful romantic this jumped out at me. Seems like an intimate look at something difficult and finding a pinhole of light in a dark situation. Also, I’ve heard nothing but great things about Efthimios Nasiopoulos.

Fifty Shades Of Dave – I’ve heard quality feedback after his preview show at Havana. I’ve been listening to “My Dad Wrote A Porno” podcast a lot recently, so my mind seems tuned in to this show already.