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You fools!” After years of plotting, evil mastermind Eugenius finds he may actually succeed in taking over the world, if he can only defeat his worst enemy…


Poster design by Johnny Hamilton, photos by Duy Nguyen

Vancouver Fringe Festival shows shine new light on nerd culture – John Lucas, Georgia Straight

This hilarious show weaves everyday life into the lives of Super Villains and Heroes alike and lets us know: hey, we’re actually not all that different from each other.—Nav Nagra, Room Magazine

“A look at anger, frustration, and learning to love the little things in life, after all ‘who wants to rule the world when no one wants to invite you to the pub?’ The Antagonist is a wonderful production with a strong cast, great story writing and stage management, and really relatable to anyone who experiences unbridled rage against the human race on a daily basis.” – Kit Martens, Plank Magazine

The Antagonist cartoon by Samuel B. Thorne

THE ANTAGONIST ran Sept 9th – 18th at The Cultch Historic Theatre, 1895 Venables St., Vancouver BC, as part of the 2016 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Written by Daniel Galiano, directed by Matt Clarke, starring Sean Amsing, Laura Ross, Mark Ferns, Emma Cawood, David Papp, David Lloydy, Karen Worrod, and Sarah Arnold. Makeup by Michelle Warner, costume by Liane Jacobs, sets designed by Sam Taylor and created by Sam Taylor and Andrew Duffy. Stage Managed by Tamar Av Shalom, assisted by Jen Golberg