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Not exactly your typical comedy of errors.

A BEHANDING IN SPOKANE is Martin McDonagh’s latest dark action-comedy, a disturbing, hilarious and unpredictable story about a chopped-off-hand deal gone wrong:

     Carmichael has been searching for his missing hand for twenty-seven years. Toby and Marilyn have arranged to give him his hand back at a local hotel, in exchange for $500. The only catch is while making arrangements with a one-handed man, they never thought he’d arrive so well armed.
     Add Mervyn – the late-night hotel receptionist who’s been waiting his whole small-town life for something to happen – and who knows?  Carmichael may walk out of that hotel room with more hands than the two he was expecting to leave with!
Warning: Strong language, disturbing situations – suggested age 17 years old and up

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Be Aware:

Your realistic theatre experience may be augmented with loud noises, sights and smells.

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The Cast:

Josh Ssettuba

Josh Ssettuba


About Josh

A Behanding in Spokane marks the first production for Josh Ssettuba with Little Mountain Lion Productions. In the past year he has been seen on stage in a few classics, ranging from A Streetcar Named Desire to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Born in Victoria, BC and raised in Vancouver, he has many people to thank for the ongoing support and love! Most of all friends, family, and Brittney! Special shout out to Matt Clarke and our wonderful production team for the chance to play!
Amelia Ross

Amelia Ross


About Amelia

This production is Amelia’s return to acting, before returning to her final year with the UBC Theatre BA program.  She is super-pumped to be in a Martin McDonagh production, because she’s a big fan.  Recent on-stage appearances include The Cat’s Meow with White Rock Players’ Club and with UBC Players Club’s Dionysia Festival.  She’d like to thank the cast and Little Mountain Lion production team for making this an amazing and enlightening experience!
Steve James

Steve James


About Steve

Steve James trained at the Birmingham Theatre School in the UK, and has played roles as diverse as the US Ambassador in Peter Ustinov’s Romanoff and Juliet to John Worthing in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Earnest. Comedy has been an enduring theme in his career, although he was last seen in Vancouver in the dramatic The Rimers of Eldrich.
He has enjoyed his time exploring the role of Carmichael for Little Mountain Lion productions, and working with such a talented cast and crew. This comedy is decidedly different, and he is so glad that he was ‘on hand’ for it.

Mark Ferns

Mark Ferns


About Mark

Mark Ferns is from Toronto and came to Vancouver to attend Vancouver Film School after a year of theatre at the University Of Victoria. He has performed in several plays in Vancouver including The Distance From Here, The Lieutenant Of Inishmore, and Autobahn. He is also active in film and television, highlights being Supernatural and Fringe.