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The end of the world is here.

Mr Burns,

a post-electric play

What would you do if we didn't have electricity?

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Praise for mr. burns:

Immensely clever... the play is given extraordinary life by Little Mountain Lion Productions’... musical director Katerina Gimon and a ridiculously talented cast in one of the best productions of the year.

Jerry Wassermanof The Vancouver Sun and The Province

WTF is one of my favourite responses at the theatre. I had it a lot while watching Mr. Burns, a post-electric play... just buy your tickets now. I highly recommend this show...I feel like I was kidnapped and taken to surprising places, places that I hadn’t known I wanted to go.

Colin Thomasof

What really stood out for me were the moments of extreme tenderness and the handling of concealing heightened emotion - a trait so typical of humanity yet often ignored on stage. Stephanie Izsak shone in this production and not just with noxious fluorescent. Stunning voice aside, the specificity in her retention of the beloved mannerisms of Mr. Burns was, well, electric.

Liz Gloucesterof Two Cents Two Pence

Washburn’s script is brought to life by a company of seven actors who form a beautifully cohesive ensemble... Whether shouting one another down with guns drawn, or performing a song-and-dance mega-mix of top 40 hits (one of the works undeniable highlights), the timing, connection, and chemistry between the artists is, ironically, electric.

Brian Patersonof

Douglas Ennenberg is a standout as Gibson, a well-travelled survivor with a surprisingly handy Gilbert-and-Sullivan obsession. Stephanie Izsak is solid as Act 2’s Quincy, but her over-the-top campiness as the third act’s gender-blended Monty Burns is, as the character might say, excellent.

John Lucasof The Georgia Straight

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