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was Little Mountain Lion’s first production.

Based on Vonnegut’s 1951 short euphiomachinestory from Welcome to the Monkey House, a young physicist discovers radio waves that can make people happy at the flick of a switch. An unscrupulous businessman takes the device in a direction the young physicist never suspected, and the ramifications of his discovery resonate through society, changing it completely – leaving the public wondering what good there is in happiness, when it’s just a button-push away?

LML’s production was adapted for the stage by Matt Clarke, and starred Andrew Dunbar, Emma Cawood, Meaghan Chenosky, David Kaye and Mark Ferns. It was produced at Carousel Theatre in October 2012. It also featured an exclusive song from Sunny Pompeii, titled “Snowy”.

The Euphio Question - poster copy
 The Euphio Question Photo3