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“Where is your journey taking you?” asks the director at the helm of The Mystery Plays. Get to know a bit about the woman behind this “intangible universe of mysteries.”


Emerging director Madelyn Osborne has had a horror movie obsession her whole life. “This is a great excuse for me to go back and scour what made those horror classics so terrifying.” Osborne, a recent grad of Douglas College, was instantly enthralled by Aguirre-Sacasa’s script, and calls it “a true stage thriller. Perfect for those looking to enjoy a bit of a Christmas scare.” She was drawn to the play’s relevant themes, “What is justice? How and when do we forgive? How is it possible to judge anyone, without knowing their entire life story?”
Among The Mystery Plays‘ cast of six, Madelyn has been guiding LML producer Matt Clarke on his journey as Joe in The Filmmaker’s Mystery. “Her process is so incredibly perfect for this play,” he says. “She has a way of questioning you about your character and the choices you make, which then opens doors to new questions, new mysteries that you’re forced to consider. She’s been encouraging me to follow my impulses but also to consider myriad other options and their impact at the same time.”
“As a director my goal is always to cultivate an environment for the audience to question,” says Osborne. “‘We are all of us on a journey’ Mr.Mystery declares at the start of the show. Where is your journey taking you?”
Madelyn Osborne is a Vancouver-based actor, director and creator. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Monster Moon Theatre and an Artistic Associate of Dirt Road Productions. Through MMT she runs Epiphany, a monthly emerging artist event open to creatives of multiple and various disciplines. Through Epiphany and other such events Madelyn plans to build her career as a producer and networker, becoming someone who can connect people to resources. She is a graduate of Douglas College and the University of Wales. Recent credits include: Cherry (The Beaux Stratagem, United Players), Woman (Morning, About Love Festival) and directed Disposable Generation (Monster Moon Theatre) at the Vancouver Fringe. See more at: or