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Nicole DeWolfe and Tamar Av Shalom both joined the LML board at the end of 2019 and immediately made a huge impact. Nicole sourced rehearsal space, props and set items for “25 Stories Written by You,” and Tamar was key to our community fundraising campaign for the same project. We’re so lucky to have these amazing people involved with LML! Get to know a bit about who they are and what they’re up to these days with a little Q&A…

What neighbourhood are you in?

Tamar: kensington-cedar cottage

Nicole: Strathcona 

Who are you quarantined with?

T: My family (mom, dad, younger sister) my boyfriend is by himself so he comes in and is in our “bubble”.

N: My husband, 7 year old son and dog.

Are you working?

T: Yes, I work as a bioinformatics software developer at BC Children’s hospital. All our work moved online in early march!

N: No, however I am doing at home learning with our son. He’s in grade 1, It’s been fun!

What activities have you found you’re doing more of? And what are you doing less?

N: As a family we’ve been doing a lot more cooking and baking. We’re trying out new recipes and revisiting older more complex recipes. We’ve discovered a Brazilian fish stew recipe that we constantly crave. I’ve never played so much Monopoly, Risk or Uno.

T: At the beginning of quarantine we bought Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Switch which is a really epic game, so I spent a good month or so playing nonstop. As a family we have also been playing alot of games, even virtually with my older sister. 

Have you discovered any cool activities during quarantine? 

T: I tried to do some macrame, it went ok…

N: Gardening. I don’t usually grow things. We’ll see how it goes.

Have you discovered any special places during quarantine? 

T: Not specifically, just walking around the neighbourhood a bit more than usual!

N: I’ve never paid much attention to our backyard but now we’re working on making it into a little oasis. 

Watched anything good?

T: One Child Nation, The Great, Onward

N: Midsommar, Knives Out, Insecure on HBO

Read anything good?

T: The Tangled Tree by David Quammen, Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami

N: Long Form Essays – Essential, and No Longer Disposable by Ronald Goldstein, THE FINAL BATTLE : Millennial Angst and the Making of Heroes by Kai Cheng

What’s one thing you look forward to doing in a group of people again?

T: I will miss all the summer festivals/markets 

N: Live performances! I can’t wait to go to a concert or music festival, or go see a play with friends. 

What restaurant are you excited to go to and what will you order when it opens!

T: Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant, I will get the veg mixed plate, can’t remember what its called haha.

N: Swad Indian Kitchen. I will order the Railway Lamb Curry. Or maybe the Chicken Tikka Masala…


Thanks Nicole and Tamar! So glad to have you on the team!