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It’s gratitude time!

Everyone we spoke with after seeing The Antagonist had something to say about the make up, costumes or sets. A lot talked about all three, and a lot also talked about the stage management. Which is weird but not weird. We’ve worked with amazing SMs, ASMs and design teams on past shows, but on this one it became clear that these were stars of the show (alongside our already feels-like-a-party-back-here sized cast). It’s too bad they don’t stand on stage at curtain call and take a bow. But here is us applauding and giving thanks to the people who created the world of The Antagonist.

left to right: actor David Lloyd aka Fellowman, Michelle (make up), Liane (costume), actor/producer MArk Ferns aka Dr. Sick, producer and graphic designer Johnny Hamilton, Emma Cawood aka Mistake

Left to right: actor David Lloyd aka Fellowman, Michelle (make up), Liane (costume), actor/producer Mark Ferns aka Dr. Sick, producer/production designer Johnny Hamilton, Emma Cawood aka Mistake

Michelle Werner, Make Up Design

It was clear after the first read of the script how much a talented make up artist could bring to the play, and we can’t believe how lucky we were to find one so talented, so patient, and so much FUN. Michelle was one of the first people on board, and her positive spirit had an influence over all of us. She was energizing at times, calming at others, whatever the group needed she’d find the mood. Not to mention her incredible, dedicated, tireless work. She came to us early on with a strong vision and threw herself fully into its creation. Do you know what it freakin’ takes to make a Koala mask?? Ultimately, she created a look for our show that helped get it media attention beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you for your vision, your devotion and your energy, Michelle.

IG: @madeupmichelle

Liane Jacobs, Costume Design

We found Liane through Michelle, and it was obvious that the Dynamic Deutschland Duo complimented each other perfectly in design and spirit. Just being in the room with these two was energizing enough, but when we saw Liane’s sketches of the heroes and villains in The Antagonist (keep in mind there was very little direction early on, Liane and Michelle were given full reign to create these characters’ looks and styles and they fully did), we knew we scored a truly special designer. We can’t wait for the day when we get to play with Liane and Michelle again, fantastic talent, radiant positive attitudes, original and exciting creative visions. Shout out to Liane’s daughter Maria who helped spread the warmth backstage not to mention picking up important make up and dressing duties!

IG: @0815victim

Sam Taylor's living room a week before opening The Antagonist

Sam Taylor’s living room a week before opening The Antagonist

Sam Taylor, Set Design

Sam is an amazingly talented, funny and humble artist who just returned to Vancouver from Toronto, and boy are we lucky. With The Antagonist we were obviously going for something that evoked a comic-y feel, and Sam’s style fit so well there wasn’t really any direction needed to be given except figuring out which books Eugenius had on his shelves (a detail we hope was caught by some!). Literally everyone I talked to after the show mentioned her set illustrations. Detailed, colourful, stylized, lively with a personality that felt like another character in the show. Bravo Sam, can’t wait to see what you doodle up next!

IG: @samtaylorillustrator

Andrew Duffy, Set Construction

We’ve never met anyone so industrious and equally as chilled out. Andrew listened to all our initial fears around our limitations (it should be clear that SETS feels like a four-letter word at The Fringe). He built our sets to be functional, simple, aesthetically pleasing, and made them fit in a freaking 3’x3′ storage space backstage. He built us the perfect world to play in. It’s really a pleasure to work with Andrew, whether sketching over coffee or painting and sanding in the yard. He’s working in TV and film now but we sincerely hope to see him take on more Theatre projects, hint hint!

Andrew Duffy's back yard workshop

Andrew Duffy’s back yard workshop

Tamar Av-Shalom, Stage Manager

We could get really carried away and sentimental here. T has been there for us so many times before. She’s worked with Matt since her grade nine year when she was ASM for an alumni directing project he did at his old high school (Hamber shout out woot woot). She’s done Fringes in Vancouver and Edmonton with Matt, and was ASM (with a sweet onstage cameo) for our first ever LML play (The Euphio Question, 2012). She is the smartest person you will ever meet, and the kindest. She is the incredibly calm and composed in a shit-storm, always positive, and always there for the same reason as we are: it’s damn fun to make plays. Thanks Tamar, you are magic. We are immensely grateful that you lent (and hopefully continue to lend!) us your time and your mind.

Jen Golberg, Assistant Stage Manager

Never have we ever made such a random connection, and never in our wildest dreams did we think the fit would be this good. Jen came to the project by way of a conversation in a salon. She jumped on board with a week left in rehearsals and made the world of The Antagonist come to life before our eyes. So many people remarked on how effective and cool the scene transitions were, and that’s all thanks to her. Someone less sharp and less willing to meet demands that, in hindsight are terribly overwhelming, would have let this show fall flat. Jen will undoubtably be a part of a future LML play. When you make a connection this good with someone so intelligent and affable, you keep them close! Thanks, Jen. See you soon…