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Help make Mr. Burns excellent!

We’ve been bringing daring, exciting plays to life for the last 5 years – and in April 2018, we’re bringing our biggest and most exciting production yet to life. 

We’re happy to bring Anne Washburn’s Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play to the stage in its Vancouver Premiere, coming in April, 2018.

To get us through our preproduction phase of art, rehearsals, set construction, and gathering materials, we’ve started online fundraising! LML is working with GoFundMe to get the ball rolling. We’ve got some very enticing donation perks to make donating even easier:

We’re working with TheatreWire, a one-stop shop for local independent theatre happenings, to bring in audiences from around the Lower Mainland. This funny, engaging, insightful play is a treat for anyone with nostalgia for the golden age of family TV time, and also those curious about what live entertainment may look like a century after the fall of civilization as we know it.


All funds raised will go directly to author royalties, venue rental fees, actor fees, building costs, insurance rates, designer fees, supplies and materials for the upcoming production. This campaign is meant to supplement all funds we raise at local fundraisers, as well as any grants we receive. 

Thank you for your time and for considering making a donation. And thank you for believing in independent, local theatre.

Praise for the show:

 “Anne Washburn’s hypnotic, sly and fiendishly insinuating Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play … does the improbable: It makes the end of civilization seem like the perfect time to create glowing objects of wonder and beauty.” —Time Out New York

Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play
Written by Anne Washburn
Produced by Little Mountain Lion Productions
Playing April 3 – 21 at Studio 1398 in Vancouver, BC


Producers – Mark Ferns, Matt Clarke, and Johnny Hamilton
Director – Madelyn Osborne
Composer/Musicial Director – Katerina Gimon
Stage Manager – Diana Bartosh
Production Manager – Matt Clarke
Production Coordinator – Mark Ferns
Production Design – Johnny Hamilton
Set Design – Heipo Leung
Lighting Design – Jono Kim
Sound Design – Matt Clarke
Props – Caitlin Main
Assistant Stage Manager – Olivia Etey
Assistants to the Director – Dayna Hoffmann, Madelaine Walker
Publicity – Julia Siedlanowska


Jenny – Keara Barnes
Matt – Graham Coffeng
Sam – Matt Montgomery
Colleen – Liz Kirkland
Quincy – Stephanie Izsak
Gibson – Douglas Enneberg
Maria – CJ McGillivray

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