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*UPDATE: As of November 8th, all audition slots have been filled and submissions are now closed. Thank you for your interest.


LML is now accepting submissions for actors interested in auditioning for our upcoming production of Anne Washburn’s Mr. Burns, a post-electric play at Studio 1398 April 3rd – 21st, 2018.


Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

By Anne Washburn

Director: Madelyn Osborne

Musical Director: Katerina Gimon

Audition Date: Nov 26th & 27th

Audition Venue: Jim Green Studio at The Cultch, 1895 Venables St., Vancouver

Rate: CAEA Indie 2.2

Email photo and resume to:

Please state which role you are interested in. Only those selected to audition will be contacted.



Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play: America has fallen, the power grids are gone, humanity is on the edge of extinction and the world is ending… now what? In the not-too-distant future, a group of survivors huddle around a campfire trying to retell an episode of The Simpsons from memory. As the years pass, this episode and other snippets of pop culture become the live entertainment of a post-apocalyptic society, sincerely trying to hold onto its past.


  • All ages are approximate
  • Very basic movement and singing are required for this show
  • Actors will each play several characters throughout the show.
  • Actors will be asked to sing a song of their choice a cappella (Max 1 minute). If you have any other musical talents please prepare those as well (beatboxing, some sort of instrument etc.)


Matt – Age: 30 – Late 40’s
Sex: Male / Male Identifying
An apocalypse survivor from New York who finds himself at the campsite with other survivors. His wife is missing. Seems to take leadership over the group, very into the Simpsons, a bit goofy, does lots of voices.

Jenny – Age: 20 – Late 40’s
Sex: Female / Female Identifying
An apocalypse survivor from Baltimore who has recently joined the group. Very into The Simpsons. She is strongly opinionated.

Maria – Age: 18 – 35
Sex: Female / Female Identifying
An apocalypse survivor whose home was destroyed. Tries very hard to fit in.

Sam – Age: 25 – 40
Sex: Open
A stoic and militant survivor. Very protective over the group’s safety. Says little but hears everything.

Colleen – Age: 20 – 40
Sex: Female / Female Identifying
A survivor who has suffered a traumatic experience. Takes leadership of the group in Act 2.

Gibson – Age: 25 – 40
Sex: Male / Male Identifying
A newcomer to the group. A bit strange, paranoid. Was into amateur theatre in his past.

Quincy – Age: 25- 35
Sex: Female
A survivor that joins the group in Act 2. Sexy, confident, quick.


Little Mountain Lion Productions encourages artists who identify, embody, and align with all ethnicities, cultures, communities, nations (and nations within nations) to apply.


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  • Clive Ramroop says:

    Hi, there; I heard about the auditions for “Mr. Burns” coming soon. I’m thinking about submitting an audition request, but before I do, I’m curious about how the rehearsal schedule will go (i.e. what days of the week and times of days rehearsals will be taking place). Thanks very much.

    • littlemo says:

      Hey Clive! At this time, the rehearsal schedule is up in the air as we’ll be waiting until cast is assembled before making any concrete decisions. The best advice we can give is to submit your application and see what happens! Thanks for your interest in our production. 🙂