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Matt, Johnny, and Mark have reached out to friends and supporters that have a background with LML, working knowledge of theatre in general – and specifically in Vancouver – to help out by sitting on an exciting new board of directors. We’ve spent much of 2019 setting this up: holding informational meetings, brainstorming and ideating exciting concepts of what we can achieve, and how we are going to do it.

At present, we are working on a multi-year plan for upcoming productions, as well as fundraising, sponsorship, and overall ideas to grow these productions into truly memorable theatre experiences. For those of you that have supported LML in the past, you have seen what has been achieved on the proverbial ‘shoestring budget’. We are ‘stoked’ to see what can be presented with more support behind us.

These plans require more backing than a small volunteer Board of Directors and three directors can do alone. If you are at all excited by the prospects of being part of an exhilarating theatre experience, then please consider getting involved and offering your help.

If you want to help us with your time, treasure or talent, drop us a line and let us know. Remember that by any  financial donations or gifts-in-kind to a designated non-profit organization is tax-deductible.

We have lots of work to do, and the clock has started its countdown to ‘curtain up’ – the time pressure that everyone involved in theatre is accustomed to. We look forward to you helping us get there and joining us in the next, thrilling chapter of Vancouver Theatre.

– Steve James, Board Chair