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We’ve got one final week of Behanding! Get your hands on some tickets before they’re gone!

By July 21, 2013September 1st, 2014A Behanding in Spokane, News
We at LML have been keeping track of our ticket sales and we have noticed two things: firstly, you all really like weekends; secondly, you really like being able to tell your friends about special deals you knew about ahead of time so you look really knowledgeable and full of awesome secrets people told you at the door. So, to help you along with that, we’re offing a special deal where if you would like to bring your used ticket to see the show again, we will humbly allow you to bring in one guest for free! How’s that for some underground, know-a-guy-who-knows-a-guy-type insider knowledge! Also, take another look at our beautiful poster, designed by our in-house superstar, Johnny Hamilton. It’s just so flashy.
See you during the last week of shows for A Behanding in Spokane!