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To Our Neighbours at Main St. and E. 26th Ave:

By July 5, 2013June 23rd, 2020A Behanding in Spokane, Current Productions, News

Last night we heard some terrible news. Someone attempted to shoot two passers-by before turning the gun on themselves at Main St and E. 26th Ave. Just steps from Little Mountain Gallery – where our play A Behanding in Spokane will take place 12 days from now – real gun shots and violence took place. Blood now stains the street, and it isn’t theatrical; it’s the real, visceral thing.

Photo by Kim Bolan, Twitter. More on the story can be found here:


We know the area will recover and continue to exist as an exciting place to live. In the meantime, we would like to remind the residents of Main St and especially those around E. 26th Ave that while we will be using props that can sound exactly like gun fire, it is under a controlled environment that they are fired, and it is most definitely not gunfire.

We’ll be taking steps and precautions to ensure nobody in the neighbourhood feels threatened, especially by one of our neighbourhood productions.