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LML are thrilled to announce our upcoming production of Anne Washburn’s Mr. Burns, a post-electric play as part of Theatre Wire’s 2017/18 season!


We’re also very excited to bring you the eeeeeexcellent news that The Mystery Plays director Madelyn Osborne will be at the helm of Washburn’s post-apocalyptic black comedy. 

Stay tuned for more exciting Mr.Burns news – including an introduction to the production’s composer –  as we prep for the three week run at Studio 1398 next April!


Casting and audition info to be posted soon after the summer… 


After the collapse of civilization, a group of survivors share a campfire and 

begin to piece together the plot of The Simpsons episode “Cape Feare” entirely from memory. 

Seven years later, this and other snippets of pop culture (sitcom plots, commercials, jingles, and pop songs) have become the live entertainment of a post-apocalyptic society, sincerely trying to hold onto its past. 75 years later, these are the myths and legends from which new forms of performance are created. A paean to live theatre and the resilience of Bart Simpson through the ages, Mr. Burns is an animated exploration of how the pop culture of one era might evolve into the mythology of another.

“Anne Washburn’s hypnotic, sly and fiendishly insinuating Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play … does the improbable: It makes the end of civilization seem like the perfect time to create glowing objects of wonder and beauty.” —Time Out New York


Mr. Burns, a post-electric play by Anne Washburn, directed by Madelyn Osborne, will be presented by Little Mountain Lion Productions at Studio 1398 April 3rd – 21st, 2018. Tickets available via Theatre Wire