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Keeping Fit and Having Fun at School

By June 5, 2019June 6th, 2019News

LML has been taking some time to reset and prep for what’s next, and there’s a lot more discussion, conceptualizing and paperwork than the actual doing of Theatre around here these days. Lucky for me I have the best space available to stay active and get out from behind the desk.

I instruct a bunch of classes at Arts Umbrella throughout the school year: improv, voice over, intensive Theatre programs, and outreach Drama classes at different high schools and elementary schools. The kids keep me in great theatrical shape. Five days a week I’m rehearsing scenes, prepping monologues, making masks, making movies, telling stories and playing games.

This past school year has felt especially satisfying, I feel I’ve dreamed bigger and offered more and better opportunities to students while still keeping the basic connection to others at the heart of my classes. I’ve been spoiled with some exceptional groups of thoughtful, dedicated and talented students this year. They’ve helped me learn and grow as a Theatre artist and instructor, and made each day I go to work something that I look forward to.

Here are some photos of what I’ve gotten up to with AU students in the past few weeks as the school year comes to an end.