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#VanFringe2016 is here! We asked the cast behind the masks in The Antagonist which 5 plays they’re most stoked to see at this year’s Fest.



David Papp (The Koala, Clerk, Brad)

Trump the Musical – It’s a musical about Donald Trump. Do I really need to explain why this will be entertaining?

Give it up – I’ve had the pleasure of working with Morgan Brayton in the past and I have no doubt this show will be hilarious!

Wild/Society – Again making a decision based on someone I know but Melissa Oei was a pleasure to work with in Theatrics at Mansfield Park and I look forward to seeing what she brings to this show.

How to Adult: The Musical – a show about 20-somethings trying to get their shit together in present day Vancouver. Sounds like my life…minus the music…and the 20-something…

One Man Dark Knight: A Batman Parody – Batman! That is all. Just Batman!

One Man Dark Knight

One Man Dark Knight

Laura Ross (Dead Rose, Jess)

Carry On: A musical – Winner of SMACKDOWN: The 24 Hour Musical Contest 2015.  I know two the creators (Britt MacLeod and Kerry O’Donovan) and can’t wait to see what their collaboration has made.

A Dog at a Feast – A powerhouse female cast.  I’m going to this to watch the acting alone.

One Man Dark Knight: A Batman Parody – We’ll I think our cast should go to this one in costume.  Us comicstrip shows need to stick together.  Plus, I’ve always been a fan of TJ Dawe.

Saving Mother – Written by Crystal Smith, “Saving Mother” explores the intersection and relation of violence to the land and our Indigenous women. I’m interested in seeing this piece.  It’s a topic that should be important to all of us.  It’s a part of Only Animal’s GenerationHot mentorship program.

How to Adult: The Musical – Because I love musicals and I want to know how to adult.

Carry On: A musical

Carry On: A musical


Mark Ferns (Dr. Sick)

Leash Your Potential – Intelligent stand up comedian. Love the concept of the show.

NeOn – I dig Mayumi’s work and the discussion of “How YOU commit to the practice of love” intrigues me.

Faster Than The Speed Of Dating – It’s an easy concept to relate to. Could be snappy and witty or fall into cliché.

Space Hippo – Curious about “live animation.”

Nerdfucker – Come on….with a title like that…

Space Hippo

Space Hippo

Leash Your Potential

Leash Your Potential