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We’re excited to announce that auditions for FRANKENSTEIN 1945 will be held on June 22nd and 24th!

Take a look at the details below and email a CV and headshot to

Frankenstein 1945
Dir: Matt Clarke
Wr: Mily Mumford
Production dates: October 20th – 31st
Audition dates: Evenings of June 22nd and 24th
Audition location: Central Vancouver. Those selected for an audition will be given a specific time and location.
Compensation: TBD, profit share or flat rate. Non-union.
Notes: Some roles will require accents. Please indicate which role(s) you would like to read for.
Storyline: New adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic gothic novel set in post-war Germany.

Frankenstein AuditionRequires:
Victor – 20-30, a young scientist, passionate and charming but desperate and sorrowful.
Walton – 30-40, a detective, world-weary, inquisitive but friendly.
Hans – 20-35, Victor’s best friend, supportive and likeable but confused and frustrated.
Mueller – 30-50, war criminal, former Nazi general, arrogant loudmouth.
Creature – 20-40, very large in stature, lost, sad, confused, vengeful

Elizabeth – 20-30, a young scientist, passionate, loving, and secretive.
Herta Oberhauser – 30-50, doctor at concentration camps, confident and callous.
Shelley – 25-35, shrewd and observant, an investigator.

Hope to see you there!!!