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We’re happy to announce we’ve added Mily Mumford to Little Mountain Lion as a producing partner for our 2015-2016 season! She’s a one-woman powerhouse wearing multiple hats as a producer, writer, director, actor, lighting designer, and neurobiologist! She’s worked with LML previously on our production of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five as Assistant Director and Lighting Designer, pulling double duties helping make that show the success and joy that it was.

Joseph Gobel and Mily Mumford in promo shot from Determined Illusion’s 2012 Victoria Fringe Festival production of Love is for Superbeasts

She’s an accomplished author of plays, such as Pretty Monster, Love is for Superbeasts, as well as the short plays Artist is a Dying Language, Fall-Out Picnic and Chautauqua Summer. LML producer Matt Clarke met Mily while acting in a production of Fall-Out Picnic in 2014. She’s currently developing a new show called Generation Post Script with Atomic Vaudville in Victoria. She’s also up to some other top secret projects. We’re excited for what Mily brings to life as part of LML’s upcoming 2015-2016 season!

Jess Amy Shead and Matt Clarke in Fall-Out Picnic at BC Buds Spring Arts Fair at Firehall Arts Centre in 2014.

LML thought we’d just post a quick Q&A to help you get to know Mily and what you can expect from her in the coming season!
LML: What is your favourite movie, and why? Yes, it’s hard to choose, but choose or die!
MM: Silence of the Lambs if I need a cheer up, Amélie if I feel like I should be sad. Alien anytime because it’s gorgeous and Tarantino because.
LML: How about a favourite book, and why?
MM: Hmm I guess I cheated on the last one… One Hundred Years of Fight Club Frankenstein. It’s a long title but it earns it. (Oryx and Batman is great too.)
LML: What is a favourite moment from your theatre life so far?
MM: I did a site specific short adaptation of Frankenstein recently in Victoria in an 150 year old house that is now a museum. One night the show got caught in the worst wind and thunder storm of the year punctuating the performance with perfectly timed crashes and lighting flares, especially in the “lab” which was a glass walled solarium.
LML: Are there other groups around Vancouver (or Victoria) you dig?
MM: I am a great fan of Delinquent Theatre and Itsazoo here in Vancouver and the Electric Company actually inspired me to start writing plays when I saw their show “Brilliant! The Blinding Enlightenment of Nikola Tesla” when I was in my mid teens. It blew my mind. They eat your dreams for breakfast.
Also I have to give a shout out to Victoria’s Atomic Vaudeville because they raised me from writer/performer infancy and continue to inspire me with their beautiful, hilarious brand of freaky.
LML: What do you do when you’re not making plays?
MM: I make SCIENCE. Brain science mostly. Also delicious baking science. I also make dance moves and shitty music and decent drawings and poetry. Oh and mistakes but as an artist they tell me those are happy and I will do something cool with them.
LML: What would you say is your spirit animal?
MM: Whiskey and bell hooks. (But in all honesty me and wolves have always had something going on.)
LML: What are some great piece(s) of theatre you’ve seen in the last couple years (LML excluded, of course)?
MM: There are a LOT but off the top of my head… Ride The Cyclone (Atomic Vaudeville), El Jinete (Puente Theatre), Ignorance (Old Trout Puppet Troupe), Séquence 8 (Les 7 doigts de la main).