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Announcing the Cast of Mr Burns, A Post-Electric Play

Say Ahoy-hoy to (most of) the cast of Mr. Burns! L-R: Liz Kirkland, CJ McGillvray, Matt Montgomery, Keara Barnes, and Graham Coffeng.

Announcing the cast of Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play!

We’re proud to formally announce the cast of Mr. Burns! As they’ve been working to bring Anne Washburn’s world to life, we’ve been busy behind the scenes getting everything ready for our premiere in April. The cast is made up of LML collaborators from the past like CJ and Keara, as well as brand new faces we’re very happy to be working with. Get ready, we’re in for a trip to the end of the world!

Keara Barnes

as Jenny

Graham Coffeng

as Matt

Douglas Ennenberg

as Gibson

Stephanie Izsak

as Quincy

Liz Kirkland

as Colleen

CJ McGillivray

as Maria

Matt Montgomery

as Sam